Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services we offer for Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL

We have 4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Options for you as a customer.

1.  We will do our "Quick Report". Our $250.00 comprehensive report of one key word or phrase for Google.  This report will show you step by step how to optimize your site. You will receive a detailed set of instructions on what to do to your home page, your key words, your meta tags, title, etc. If you know html and ftp this will work and are willing to put forth the effort this program will work well for you

2.  We will do our "Quick Report Gold"  For $500.00 we will provide our comprehensive report and update your index page based on our findings.  Here we do half the work for you. We make the changes to your site and start off with links.

3.  We will do our "Full Package"  For $1250.00 we will we will provide our comprehensive report and update your index page based on our findings and we will provide relevant backlinks for 3 months. This is a turn key solution and is becoming the favorite. Three months or 90 days will give a beginner site a start at getting noticed on the search engines.

4.  Our "Full Commission Offering"

We look for individuals or organizations who have a great product to sell, but cannot afford the time or money to market their product on the world wide web.  

Essentially, we will:

We do not charge for doing all of these services.  We set up a program, where our company retains a portion of the sale.  No out of pocket expenses for you!!  This is not a program for everyone.

And. . . . No contract.  We just put together a working agreement.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason.  Just say so, and the deal is off.  Pretty cool eh? Have a question? Just click on the chat button below and ask us right now??

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